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Just a little something as to who I am and why you personally may find what you read to be just a little different. I consider myself to be an honest person with a personal indifference to crowds. So meditation and thought were nurtured through riding horses. I am remembered by fellow riders, that all my horses were good lopers, even though I know, some were superior to others. I could be riding with a number of ranch hands and still be loping alone. I fondly reflect as to how I have lived my life in a number of figurative rides. It has often been asked of me while riding, “how do you get a horse to do that?” Well in conversation I am faced with a similar response, “please, enlighten me as to that verbalization!”. I don’t consider myself to be a professional in either statement, but I do know, they both work. It’s also an honor for me to share this platform with my son, William Leed Jr. He has long aspired to writing, but recently has discovered his pleasure of recording his thoughts into verse. Enjoy, and thanks for your interest. -William Leed- “If the trot should not be the prelude to the lope neither should verbalization be to thought, for thought and loping are the same thing, found on two different plains.” -William Leed-

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