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Quiet and disturbed
are those softest feelings
of the mind.

-William Leed-

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that has been supporting this blog for the last 600 entries and the entries for the Bluebell Books challenges.

I have enjoyed not only writing, but the expressions from my various readers. I would like to take the time to publish in book form, for I find a book can be a stronger experience for a literary work.

For those that found it hard to comment on a fresh new poem every day I will be entering Monday morning a new post for the week. For my new readers that have recently subscribed to the blog I would encourage you to scroll back and review earlier entries, and feel free to comment for I enjoy the feedback and being given the opportunity to respond.

I would also like to give special consideration to William Leed Jr. for encouraging me to share with others my expressions in writing.



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